Sean Hopp
Web System & Application Management

· Strategic Planning
· Technical Direction
· Creative Direction & Design
· Prototype Development
· Solution/Stack Management
· System Admin & Integration
· Ecommerce Security
· API & Plugin Management
· SEO & Analytics
· Team Development
· Budget Oversight
· Technical & Business Writing
· Contract & Proposal Analysis

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A responsible approach to internet application development and management for the arts and sciences. Analytical and creative balance from over 20 years of professional digital publishing. Reliable ecommerce management in high-profile production environments.

Sean Hopp Interface DesignsCurrent Role
Director, Web Systems and Applications for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Guided the technical and creative direction, development, business logic, special feature development and administration of the core systems used to manage and other properties since 2004. Along with a growing team of editors, producers, developers and designers, has played a central role in many of the innovative solutions that continue to position the CSO as a leader in the arts for ecommerce and digital media.

Current Platforms
Production management of Microsoft .NET Enterprise systems. Visual Studio (ASP.NET/C#), SQL Server Management Studio,
Windows Server/ISS. Management of Microsoft virtualized environments. Standards-based development and administration with Microsoft, Google, and other enterprise solutions. Repository and CMS solution management.

Previous Work Experience
Web administration, design, development and management. Extensive use of Apache, ASP, Coldfusion, Drupal, eRube, Flash, IIS, javaScript, mqSQL, php, Visual Basic, XSL/T, other open-source platforms and custom environments.
Certified for Adobe, Allaire, Macromedia and Microsoft products.

Academic History
· Art, Math, Physics (Cleveland State, 1988-90)
· Art, Design, Physics (Kent State, BA 1992)
· AutoCAD (Chicago Regional Council of Carpenters, Certification 1994)
· Math, Computer Science (Northeastern, 1995-1999)
· Data Science (IIT, 2014-)